For small business advertising solutions that are affordable and effective at getting your brand noticed, choose Access Media Group. We work laterally with local businesses to strategically place our advertising products in high traffic areas that offer the best results. Trust Access Media Group to get your brand noticed and offer you the market success you have been looking for.

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Access Media Group was founded under the principle of offering our clients real-world solutions to all of their website needs. We are not your typical marketing company; instead, we offer our clients the support and consultation they need to grow their businesses and become sustainable in their niche.

Our team of marketing professionals utilize a wide range of advertising mediums including shopping carts, welcome centers, checkout dividers and web development. We believe that the local exposure of your business and presence of your brand are essential to your overall marketing and branding strategies and we focus on providing the most effective solution to meet those needs.

Access Media Group showcases the best value for the money supermarket advertising products and offers our clients a wide range of customization services to meet their specific business needs.

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Access Media Group registered its domain name and our company was founded in Feb 1999.

New Leadership
Emil Kazaryan purchased majority shares of Access Media Group, Inc. and became President/CEO in May 2015.

Strategic Partnership
Under Emil’s leadership, Access Media Group’s products can be find in more than 100 stores nationwide.