Advertise in your local Grocery Store on Shopping Carts directly mounted 18 inches away from all shoppers. Shopping Cart Ad’s is a great way to create a Brand within your community without breaking your budget. In-fact our Prices are lower than any other Advertising Media out there, we are cheaper than TV, Radio, Print & Magazine.

Building a Brand is More Effective and Expensive than anything else in form of advertising, each advertising campaign should have a goal in order to be successful. Shopping Cart Advertising gives your Business a Powerful RECOGNITION within your Community.



Supermarket advertising rates below:
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  • Shopping Cart Ads: Please inquire; call 1-866-424-0055

Rates subject to availability, timing and market.

Ad Sizes

  • Shopping Cart: 11″ W x 7″ H.

*Production time is about 8-12 weeks. Can be reduced in most cases.