Is Shopping Cart Advertising Effective?

Advertising on Shopping Carts can pay off big time because the Supermarket is the HUB of your Community and everyone living within 5 miles of the store shop there. This gives you an unfair advantage over the competitors by being seen on all the Shopping Carts in the Grocery Store.

Benefits of Shopping Cart Advertising:

  • Implied Endorsement from the Supermarket
  • Supermarkets spends hundreds of thousands on advertising
  • Average shopper spends 45 minutes using a Shopping Cart
  • Bigger image when potential clients see your ads in a well known Supermarket

The best part is that Shopping Cart advertising cost less than Radio, TV or Print advertising. Shopping Cart Advertising is the lowest cost-per-impression in the advertising industry.

The Conclusion: 

It’s 100% worth it if you ask me! All advertising is good but when you get outdoor display advertising for pennies on the dollar, its beyond fantastic! They can’t turn the page or change the channel!

Shopping Cart Advertising is a way of building your brand within the community without breaking your budget all at once. The Supermarket gets between 15,000 – 45,000 shoppers per week, each store. If you are looking to build your brand and become the most recognizable business in-town then Shopping Cart Advertising is perfect for you.

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